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“Anlago” International Trade Company in the United States, we specialized procurement team for your business with a "One Stop" in the procurement and supply of services.

"Anlago": The most effective way to purchase Sub-assembly parts

Specialized in contract manufacturing partner for the following parts:


Stamped Parts

Die Casted Parts

Sheet Metal Parts

Stainless Steel parts

CNC Machined Parts

Precision Plastic/Aluminum Parts

Plastic and Aluminum Extruded Parts

High Mix Low to Mid Volume Assemblies

In the domestic establishment and development of a large

production base and market outlets, now has branches,

located in Hong Kong, Shanghai/China, the United States.



Enterprise Vision: globalization Materials Supply Chain Integration Business

Core values: Enterprises and common progress era, enterprises and create value customers, employees and common development of enterprises

Core concept of culture: In the team spirit, philosophy, performance, pursuit of excellence.

Overall strategic objectives: In the planning period of three years, and important international and domestic suppliers and customers in the form strategic alliances and stable relations of cooperation. Control the supply chain, key resources, develop comprehensive integrated services system