PCB (Printed Circuit Board) printed circuit board, the importance of electronic components, and the electrical connection because it is the use of PCB, and it was known as "printed circuit board"

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Product Description

Production of PCB mainly used in Communications equipment: CDMA equipment, switches, IT, access to Internet and other broadband transmission equipment, battery module. Electric power: electricity, frequency control equipment, power amplifier sound circuit, switch power supply, uninterrupted power supply, car inverter power, such as electric welding machine. Network Equipment: PCI Card, routers, VDSL, RAM Board.

Computer equipment: industrial products, computer equipment, the programming interface, Industrial Control Board, the communications slabs, host slabs, embedded devices, such as data collector. Medical Devices: nuclear magnetic resonance, CT, guardianship, Medical Equipment to level resistance control board. Science and Technology: aviation, navigation control systems, radar, GPS navigation, ship equipment and other military Navy products. Consumer & Electronics: LCD, LCM LCD display, energy products, fax machines, photocopiers, games, inverter, automotive electronics, elevator control unit, mobile RF antenna. The establishment of a national standards and implement a set of production, technology, quality control for the full range of ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System. The products of the quality and reliability of basic protection, plates Type: epoxy glass plate FR 4 FR-1, CEM-1, CEM-3, heat aluminum based circuit board, High TG circuit boards, thick copper circuit boards, HF Plate, Ceramic plates, BGA circuit boards, blind buried hole circuit boards, impedance control circuit boards, and special board PCB, COB circuit boards, rigid circuit boards, FPC board, sticking SMT processing, PCBA plug-in welding processing and assembling electronic processing, Ultra thin PCB small circuit board, the thick lines Board.